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Marlow Navigation started to use the e-learning package in 2013 as part of our cook trainee program with the aim to provide professional guidance during the first weeks on board their first assignment. After we received overwhelmingly encouraging feedback from masters and crews we extended the use of the e-learning package to newly hired cooks and to cooks with identified training needs. After the successful completion of the package we receive comments from masters like:

  • • Performs better than experienced cooks.
  • • Provides important theoretical back ground knowledge.
  • • Improved healthy living on board.
  • • Other cooks should participate as well
Capt. Walter Wekenborg

Dir. Training & Human Resources Marlow Navigation Co. Ltd.

Mastermind started using the e-learning (Safe Food Handling and Nutrition course) program in 2013 for our entire fleet. We have found the interaction of MCTC Team with our catering teams on board, to be the biggest value of this course. MCTC is not using the usual training methods but coming out with innovating programs such as this e learning/consultancy scheme. With a professional team of experts MCTC involves directly in the food processing chain as things develop with much better results. We have received outstanding feedback from our crew and masters regarding this program. Among other benefits praised, we have noticed reduction of the crew's daily feeding rate through correct food handling and management, motivation of the crew and improved healthy living on board. With best regards,

Capt. E.-H. Adami
Managing Director
Mastermind Ship management Ltd Co.

Good Morning,

Thanks for info.

We appreciate your program and all feedbacks received are very positive. Thanks for your efforts and supports.

Best regards

Training Manager

Dear Sirs,

Thank you for your efforts!
One of the challenges our company is facing are the inventory discrepancies and through this program, we have managed to reduce to ¼ annually. Thanks a lot for all your assistant and efforts.

All the best

Purchasing Department

Dear Sirs,

This is already the third program and extensive training generated within our fleet and same is well welcomed by our officers and crew.

Best regards

Crewing department

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