MCTC Speaks to Crew on Poor Nutrition at Uniteam Marine Conference

Poor nutrition among seafarers and the rise in diet-related diseases were highlighted by Managing Director of MCTC Christian Ioannou at a recent conference held by crew management company Uniteam Marine.

Mr Ioannou was the special guest presenter where he joined the Uniteam Marine’s respected clients, officers and ratings for a series of workshops and engagement sessions.

Poor nutrition can have a very negative impact on seafarers’ health, resulting in diet-related diseases often being diagnosed, such as high blood pressure, kidney stones, high cholesterol, diabetes and osteoporosis, Mr Ioannou explained to delegates.

A bad diet can also lead to other problems that affect productivity, such as insomnia, high levels of fatigue and lack of energy and motivation.

Ensuring crew members are eating quality meals that are made from scratch is key to keeping budgets down and providing seafarers with well-balanced nutritional meals, he said.

In a health and cost analysis report carried out by MCTC, Mr Ioannou explained how the survey showed a breakdown of a number of products including rolls, cakes and salad dressings. The survey demonstrated that in all products investigated. the calorie content and cost were both lower in homemade products, compared to packaged food.

Mr Ioannou said: “It is a popular myth that it is more time and cost effective to buy ready-made products, but in our report we have shown that by making your own products from scratch, it not only keeps your budgets down but also ensures good nutrition for all crew members.

“It is important all crew members who are preparing meals have the knowledge and skills to make their own food items. I was delighted to attend the conference and welcomed the opportunity to take part in the workshops and engagement sessions.”

MCTC, based in Limassol, Cyprus, trains catering crews from all over the world in all types of cuisine, through onboard distance coaching and onshore programmes in The Philippines and India, as well as offering Catering Management services working with vessels in the procurement of provisions for the galley.